Eliminate The Threat
Of Counterfeit Goods.


The owner of a registered trade mark has the power to have foreign shipments seized on arrival into Australia, if those goods bear fraudulent or deceptive trade marks.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, seized goods are forfeited, which means that in all but rare circumstances, you will not be required to take any further action, making this a relatively fuss-free process for you.

Proactive Monitoring To Prevent Future Threats To Your Trade Mark.

Trade Mark Watches, Conflict Identification & Management

Trade mark applications are constantly being lodged, and in some cases, for a range of reasons, applicants may have failed to perform the requisite searches. This means that the potential for infringement on your trade mark is always an ongoing concern.

To safeguard your trade mark, we maintain a watch on the register so that we can quickly identify any applications that may potentially conflict with your trade mark. If we find a conflicting application, we can then file an opposition.


Protect, grow and monetise
your innovation.

Trade Marks

Trade mark to help secure
your brand’s future.


Safeguard your unique design.

IP Oppositions & Disputes

Enforce your rights and protect
your trade mark from infringement.

IP Commercialisation

Enhance your prospects of
success with a bespoke
commercialisation pathway.

IP Valuations

Find out what your IP
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