We are Trade Mark Attorneys
who provide tailored advice
for the protection of your
company’s brand, and its
unique identifiers which your
customers recognise and use
to identify your business
from a competitor.

Trade marks confer an enormous range of material benefits on owners. It is well known that a registered trade mark gives the owner the sole right to use the trade mark in relation to the goods or service it relates to. However, the advantages go well beyond this. A registered trade mark is an asset, which means that you are able to sell or licence it for considerable commercial benefit. With a registered trade mark, you can also pursue infringing third parties in Court without needing to prove business reputation, or that there has been misrepresentation or deception, making it a valuable strategy for more easily enforcing your rights.

How a trade mark can help you

Trade marks deliver a multitude of benefits to a brand that go well beyond the right to exclusive use. They can also help you maintain your market position by discouraging new entrants and potential encroachments, they can enable access to remedies in certain circumstances, they can be key to securing loans and other funding, and they are a highly valued, marketable asset in themselves.

  • the exclusive right to use the trade mark for the goods or services it applies to
  • the right to take action against an infringing third party where they use a ‘substantially identical’ or ‘deceptively similar’ trade mark for goods or services that are identical or similar to yours
  • the right to licence and sell the trade mark for valuable returns

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