Drafting patent
specifications is
a rigorous and
detailed process.

At Platform IP, patent specifications are the touchstone of our expertise. We will draft your patent application to a benchmark that is unparalleled, achieving and exceeding legal obligations for patenting your idea right throughout the world.

Before drafting a patent specification, our attorneys work closely with inventors and business leaders so that they understand fully the invention, as well as the intended commercial strategy. This process requires a combination of technical and legal expertise, which our patent attorneys have, both through their own tertiary qualifications, and through their industry experience in a huge range of scientific and engineering fields.

Next, with a commercially-driven focus, our attorneys skilfully identify the full range of particular technical, legal and commercial issues that arise in each case, to ensure that you derive the maximum commercial value from your patent.

Where you are patenting internationally, it may be necessary to have your patent specification translated prior to examination in a foreign jurisdiction. At Platform IP, we manage this process with accuracy and expertise, through our global network of expert, registered patent attorneys and NAATI qualified translators.

Provisional Patents
– The Bottom Line

If you have an idea, but for whatever reason are not ready to proceed to a full
patent application, it may be in your interests to make a provisional patent

While a provisional application is not necessary in all cases, there are many
reasons it may be preferable, rather than proceeding to file a full patent
application at first instance.

A provisional application is a relatively low-cost method for indicating that you
intend to file a full application in the future. It won’t deliver you the complete
range of protection that a full patent provides, however, it will establish a priority
date that confirms you as the idea holder, and the first to file the new invention.
Essentially, your provisional application will hold your place at the beginning of
the line, providing you important protection in the event of a dispute.

In addition to providing you with the safety of a priority date, a provisional patent
can also deliver a range of other advantages, including enhancing the validity of
your patent, strengthening your ability to enforce your patent, and enabling you to
more easily achieve a successful result during the process of patent examination.
However, to achieve each of these benefits, it is important to ensure that you
prepare and file a provisional patent that has a well-developed claim structure,
and an extremely supportive and detailed description, just as you would with a
full patent application.

At Platform IP, our attorneys will ensure that your provisional application has both
an impeccable claim structure that accentuates the originality of your idea, and a
thorough and detailed description that bolsters your claims to the maximum

Claim Structure

To accomplish the most directed and fully elaborated claim structure, our
attorneys identify the complete range of new ideas associated with your product,
system, process or software. Our attorneys also capture new ideas from all
perspectives with numerous sets of independent claims, and they project all the
ways in which your competitors may be able circumvent your claims, rewording
and rephrasing them to take into account these issues.

Claim Description

To attain the most supportive and inclusive description that strengthens your
claims to the highest level, we encapsulate all embodiments of the idea, and then
meticulously work through and revise variations, incorporating each of them into
your description.

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