At Platform IP, our approach
to IP valuation goes much
further than allocating a
figure to your intangible
assets and ensuring that
your IP is maintained as
an ongoing source of
considerable value to
your enterprise.

In recent decades, intangible assets (or intellectual property (“IP”)) have provided businesses across the globe with a competitive advantage. Despite knowing how important these assets are, in many instances intangible assets are overlooked by accountants, investors, stakeholders and other finance professionals, to the detriment of enterprises of all kinds, particularly SMEs.

We devise and implement strategies to protect and exploit your IP so that you not only maintain, but sharpen your competitive edge, and assess your infringement risk, developing a comprehensive strategy to strengthen your overall position into the future.

An Integrated Approach to your IP strategy

Do you know your full suite of intangible assets?

Your intangible assets go well beyond patents and trademarks. Intangible assets may also include brands, software, licence agreements, exclusive rights, content, data, code knowledge, goodwill, competitive advantage, customer related assets, contracts, and even your all-important know-how.

Once your intangible assets have been
identified and their value determined,
we devise and implement an intangible
assets strategy that helps provide
protection and supports your ability to
strengthen and grow further. Working
closely with you, we help unlock hidden
IP value, protect your rights, and
empower you to manage and exploit
them over time.

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Our IP Valuation Services
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Protect, grow and monetise
your innovation.

Trade Marks

Trade mark to help secure
your brand’s future.


Safeguard your unique design.

IP Oppositions & Disputes

Enforce your rights and protect
your trade mark from infringement.

IP Commercialisation

Enhance your prospects of
success with a bespoke
commercialisation pathway.

IP Valuations

Find out what your IP
is really worth.