Being good listeners and
strategic doers, we will
ensure that your patent
application is aligned to your
IP protection strategy and
key business objectives.


Filing patent applications across jurisdictions is a significant administrative burden that requires considerable resources for ongoing management and follow-up, expertise with key technology platforms, sophisticated internal processes and knowledge and experience across each distinct jurisdiction. Small mistakes, lapses in monitoring or misunderstandings of process can have serious lasting consequences.

We will guide you through the examination process and manage your patent application in all countries where protection is sought.


Prosecuting a patent application through to grant can be a minefield, with no two jurisdictions applying the same rules.

Our patent attorneys are registered to act before patent offices in Australia and New Zealand, and are experts in local practice requirements and conditions. They also work across international jurisdictions, assisted by a trusted global network of patent attorneys who are expert in their own local requirements, and ensure that the particular rules, regulations and systems of each jurisdiction are adhered to so that we can achieve the best results for you and your business.

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