Ideation, the process
of reflecting on insights,
generating ideas, and
conceptualising – putting
pen to paper – transforms
untethered thoughts into
solid, visual form.

Through generating a selection of concepts, the designer is able capture and depict ideas, as well as produce a key summary of product considerations. This means that ideation is critical not only for identifying and resolving issues, but also for ensuring optimum functionality.

Design registration is a powerful deterrent against imitators, so can be used to successfully hinder your competition.

Your Idea Brought To Life

We develop the fine details and explore alternative solutions in the detailed design stages. Our industrial design experts are artists, using fine liner on card. They create low fidelity prototypes, and iterate the full range of designs to propel the project into the detailed design stages. They also produce 3D models with precise accuracy and attention to detail, and working with manufacturers, deliver expertly refined designs that are ready for manufacture and product sign off.

Our designers understand that producing a successful product is contingent on understanding precisely the ways in which it will be used in the real world. So, to ensure that they deliver you a product that is both stylish and precisely adjusted, our designers immerse themselves deeply into the world of the user, gaining key insights that shape the final outcome.

In addition to delivering stylish, iconic and finely tuned designs, we support our clients right throughout the manufacturing stages, liaising directly with manufacturers locally or in China, and performing tasks such as first article inspection and design validation.

Our Design Right
Services & Expertise


Protect, grow and monetise
your innovation.

Trade Marks

Trade mark to help secure
your brand’s future.


Safeguard your unique design.

IP Oppositions & Disputes

Enforce your rights and protect
your trade mark from infringement.

IP Commercialisation

Enhance your prospects of
success with a bespoke
commercialisation pathway.

IP Valuations

Find out what your IP
is really worth.